Finally, Zbrush3!

zbr3.jpgThe long-awaited zBrush3 is just around the corner. According to the official hype…

ZBrush 3 continues our development by first and foremost putting the artist in an immersive digital sculpting environment: we have boosted ZBrush’s speed, refined its functionality as well as expanded its capability by adding real-time shadows, real-time material capture and render (MatCap), full 3D sculpting and texturing with alphas and textures, advanced ‘digital clay’ with up to one billion polygons using HD geometry, real-time posing with ZBrush’s Transpose functionality, perspective camera, 2D / 2.5D /3D mesh projections, mesh retopologizing, topology/cavity/color based maskings, one-click turntable recording and quicktime export, support for 32 and 64 bit systems, mutithreaded support for up to 256 processors, and more.”

Better yet, here’s the link (click the image above) to the preview of the ZBr3. Wow… a movie trailer for piece of software… that rocks.


~ by learn3dsmax on March 19, 2007.

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