This blog is not about me. I am a 10+ year industry veteran of 3D and animation. I still consider myself an entry-level artist. I teach. I learn. I love 3D. This site is dedicated to learning and sharing learned knowledge about production ready 3D tools such as 3dsmax, maya, zbrush, and others. There is a guru in you, too.

Help me help you. If this site in any way scratched an itch, provided a light bulb moment, or otherwise sent you into your 3D happy place, the best way to tell me is to link to me. Share me with your friends.

One last thing. Any product reviews I do on this blog are for things I have purchased with my own money, or things that have been entrusted to me for the purposes of an honest and fair review. I am not sponsored by anyone. I take no money for reviews. If I’m given a product to keep in exchange for a review, I will pass it back to the manufacturer after a review is complete or pass it on to another user in need. There may be a time when I am given something to review and given the option to keep it. If thats the case, I will tell you in the review and you can be your own judge of my objectivity. But I will always try to be honest, fair and complete. Feel free to call me on it if thats ever not the case.

Banner image: “The New Mach 5” created by me. In 3ds Max & Mental Ray.


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