AU LIVE BLOG: Session – New Mental Ray Features in 3ds Max 2008

augrab.jpg This session is being presented by Pierre Felix-Breton, Product Designer for 3DS Max, Autodesk.

The session is starting, agenda, introductions, etc…

First up, mrPhotographic Exposure Control (I will be talking about this in my presentation too). PEC is actually a tonemapper based on the Rineart algorithm. This maps available tonal ranges so we can see them. PEC works in a completely physically based work flow. He shows an LDR photo with a high dynamic range (brights and darks) and tells us the photo settings, 1/15, f3.5, ISO200.

Shows the same image in true HDR format (made from 5 EV’s). Plugs that image into Max’s environment map slot. Sets the PEC settings to match the first example image. And hits render. Its almost a perfect match. Thus proving that PEC is working correctly in phyically based work flow.

Goes over the features of PEC. It works like a camera (shutter speed, fstop, ISO) Shows the control dialog on tweaking highlights, midtones, and shadows (These are great). Talks about when to use”unitless” (for HDR).

Next topic, Glare Shader. Simple easy to use post process. Not physcially based. For aesthetics only.

Next topic: A&D Material (ArchDesign Material). Self illumination. Works best with Photometric lights. It is physically based. Now has EXACT ambient occlusion, meaning it now considers color of objects, not just proximity, as to whether it should darken it.

Next topic: Showed the portal lights. These are great. Like area lights, but considers the environment as the light source. (works with HDR)

Next topic: Hidden Gems. Show mrBlackBody shader. Creates physically accurate reflections with physically based lights. Showed the Production shaders, showed to to reveal them (read my previous post here for more info).

Concluded by showing a movie of Zap Andersson’s Production Shader example movies.


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  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  2. So, what do you think then? If you’ve got an opinion, share it!


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