Zbrush 3.1 now with a 30-day trial

troll-1.jpgGood news from Pixologic landed in my inbox today. They are now offering a 30 day trial of Zbrush 3.1. You can get the trial by clicking here.grab.jpg

This is from the website, sorry its not more of a substantive review but other gigs are pulling me in different directions.

ZBrush 3.1 continues Pixologic’s pursuit of artist focused and artist driven tools. 3.1 addresses many requests from users of ZBrush 3.

Notably, we have added the following items:

  • New Brush Palette that allows users to load and save their own brush presets
  • New Brush features such as Color Masking and BackFace Masking.
  • User Assigned Hotkeys
  • ZMapper
  • Displacement Exporter
  • Poseable Symmetry using Smart Resym’s Topological Symmetry feature
  • A New Mesh Relaxation Tool: Reproject Higher Subdiv’
  • Support for square alphas while sculpting
  • Support for sculpting with both ZAdd and ZSub
  • Mesh Projection now projects PolyPainting”

~ by learn3dsmax on November 16, 2007.

3 Responses to “Zbrush 3.1 now with a 30-day trial”

  1. lplpk

  2. http://download.pixologic.com/trial.php?f=ZBrush3.1_Trial_Setup.exe

  3. it didnt work

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