CODEC Challenge! MPEG4 vs. Sorenson3

School-yard taunts for geeks; “My codec is better than yours! Nah!”

So I put my bits where my memory-leak is and a fellow guru and I had a codec challenge, MPEG4 vs. Sorenson3. His claim was Sorenson3 was WAY better than MPEG4 because it compressed the files way more than MPEG4 and they looked better. My claim was that MPEG4 was better because it was basically more compatible across platforms, smaller, and better looking.

So we rendered a quick and dirty worst case scenario out of 3ds max, a RGB full screen gradient map rotating in front of the camera. 100 frames. You can get the Max file here soon.

summary.pngThis image (click for full screen, but warning! This is a compressed PNG file. I will make the original BMP available later) is a screen grab of the results. The bottom line? Both were good. MPEG4 was smaller but with noticeable banding. Sorenson was slightly larger with some banding, noticeable but not as visible as MPEG4.

Obviously the amount of compression and quality of any given file is dependent on the subject matter. But its nice to have a baseline so you can make an informed decision. Render on…


~ by learn3dsmax on March 29, 2007.

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