Training Video: Object Association-Pt.1

UPDATE: More free 3ds max training tutorial videos have been added here.

Subject: Selection Sets
Skill Level: Beginner to intermediate
Version: All versions

Here’s a tutorial video about Selection Sets. I have several videos like this that I will be posting as appropriate. Its only youtube resolution but I may provide access to the full size (1280×1024) movie if there’s enough interest. There are 4 parts to this video, this is only the first. I will post the others later.

For those of you considering coming to one of my training sessions in Orlando (see the column to the right) or perhaps considering hiring me for some training consulting, here’s a good example of my teaching/training style. For more info on real deal professional 3ds max training, click here.

Now, on with the show…(it isn’t that blurry, really, it clears up when you play it…)


~ by learn3dsmax on January 31, 2007.

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