Autodesk 3dsmax Training Sessions Announced

I have just posted my summer 2006 3dsmax training schedule and it breaks down like this. I’m doing 3 different classes this summer. 3ds max fundamentals, Modeling for Production, and Look development.

I am also doing each one of these classes in Miami and Orlando. I might do Atlanta if I get enough interest (anybody from Atlanta get to the word out and let me know you are there!)

Below you can find the dates and class details. For fee information, discounts, or to sign up or if you want more info, go here:

Each class is limited to 6 people only. So sign up now before its too late!



3dsmax Fundamentals

-July 17-19 ; Orlando

-August 21-23 ; Miami

This class is designed for the new 3D Studio Max user who is ready to begin using the program in a professional, efficient manner. The class is designed to provide inexperienced users the ability to navigate through the program and use the majority of its major functions including object creation, animation, materials, and lighting. The class will:

  • Bring you up to speed in the current version of Max.
  • Cut at least one month off your learning curve (probably more!)
  • Make you more productive. Make you a billable 3D artist sooner!
  • Show you modeling and shapes
  • Reveal Camera & lighting techniques
  • Explain Modifiers & sub-object usage
  • Illustrate Controller animation
  • Show you how to create particles and space warps
  • Demystify material editor

Completing this class will provide immediate results in the student’s ability to use Max in a professional environment. The qualifications for this course are a basic understanding of 3D Space (recommended) Basic Windows XP user experience and a desire to learn and be challenged.

Duration: 3-days.

Modeling for Production

-July 24-26; Orlando

-August 28-30; Miami

This class is a hands on session designed to provide current Max users at a beginner* or intermediate level a comprehensive immersion in current techniques used in advanced 3D modeling. By the end of the course, you will have been instructed in the nuances and techniques of the several commonly used modeling methods… Polygonal, Subdivision surfaces, Patch, and advanced Spline-based modeling.

Additionally, this class will then explore the close relationship of materials, texture mapping, texture painting to geometry.

Duration: 3-days.

Look Development in 3DSmax (Materials and Illumination)

-Sept 18-20; Orlando

-Sept 25-27; Miami

Formerly called "Lighting, Cameras, Materials & Rendering Environments". Once you have a model and have animated it, you have a long way to go to create convincing and entertaining images. This class is where you tie together your elements into real "scenes". Significant time will be spent on topics such as Materials (basic to advanced), global illumination, shaders, and preparing your scenes for post production (compositing).

Duration: 2 or 3 days (can be truncated).



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  1. Please call me.I need some information about this classes.My Number is 786 871 6244 OR 304 488 5467 Thanks

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