Understanding the Boolean tool

In previous versions of 3ds max, boolean used to be more basic in their use and operation. You used one object to cut away part of another. Now, Boolean is a versatile functional tool with many settings and features that allow for some amazing things.
But the original rule of thumb used in earlier versions of the software still apply today in trying to remember how boolean actually works. Its a great little mnemonic that goes like this:

When it comes you booleans you “modify the first object- delete the second object.”

Simply put, this means to are performing the modeling operation (and therefore want to keep it) on the first object selected. This is called Operand “A.” The second object, Operand “B” was historically deleted, but no more. It remains a useful part of the boolean operation.
But the phrase “modifies the first-deletes the second” is still a good memory tool to keep straight which objects are operands A and B. Did this help? If so, please make a donation here so I can keep the lights on and the electrons flowing.


~ by learn3dsmax on April 25, 2006.

2 Responses to “Understanding the Boolean tool”

  1. Hi, thanks for this comment 🙂

  2. I don’t understand the meaning of the following phrases:

    “When it comes you booleans you”


    “this means to are performing the modeling operation”

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